Full-Service Tax Preparation in Frisco, TX

Our tax team of CPA’s, CFP’s, and other qualified professionals provides two levels of review: first for accuracy, and again to identify potential tax savings opportunities for the future.


TaxLogix utilizes a team of experienced professionals to handle and review your return such as CPA’s, CFP’s, and EA’s many with 15-20 years of industry experience.

Despite the highly personalized, high-touch level of service our clients receive, our prices are transparent and lower than the majority of tax preparation firms in Frisco and beyond.


Every return we prepare is covered by identity theft and audit assistance. If you get audited or you’re the victim of tax-related identity theft we’ll be there to help.

What we Do

We’ve Got Your Tax Preparation and Planning Needs Covered

Personal Tax Preparation

Stop googling the tax code to find  missing deductions! Let us step in and help you keep more of what you’ve already earned.

Business Tax Preparation

Working with us to prepare your business and personal tax returns allows us to maximize your opportunities for tax savings.

Future Tax Planning

With an eye towards potential future tax savings, if there’s a strategy that might be helpful we will share it so you can get a jump start on next year.

"I have utilized the services of Tax Logix since 2018 for tax preparation services and have been very satisfied with their knowledge and professionalism. The service quality, reliability, and friendliness of the group are second to none. If you are looking for tax preparation services and the security of a job well done, I highly recommend Tax Logix."
S. Brunot

"TaxLogix has been preparing my personal and business tax returns for three years. By providing that second review by a financial planner, they saved me more in year one than I will spend with them over the next 20. That kind of return on investment is hard to come by. "

L. Delahoussaye

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Your Frisco Neighbors

We're not some take-a-number tax prep chain, and we're not a big, pricey CPA firm. We're a local Frisco, TX business run and staffed by long-time Frisco residents. As active members of the community, we're committed to serving our neighbors in a way that builds long-term relationships. Having been in business in the DFW area for over 20 years, we're not going anywhere, and you'll always know where to find us when you need help.

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